Telephone Systems

AVE Technologies appreciates that telephony communication is critical to the daily operation of any organisation and any interruption to service can be frustrating and expensive.

We specialise in the installation of new Toshiba telephone systems, however we also maintain a vast range of systems from the oldest of the Commander range through to current VoIP systems. Toshiba's commitment to be at the forefront of Telecommunications and IP Telephony Solutions has seen the emergence of state of the art digital and IP Solutions. Toshiba have used the knowledge gained from decades of experience in both Telecommunications and IT to create a seamless converged PBX and VoIP solution making it possible to use your private IP and Internet connection for both voice and data communications.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your telephone cabling for phone system contact us for advice and fault rectification. AVE Technologies can also create a fully integrated emergency and evacuation solution we have combined telephone, paging, lockdown, evacuation and period bell systems specifically designed for schools bundled into one seamless system. If your requirements are more than just a phone system, we can design and install a turnkey solution to suit your specific application.

AVE Technologies can design and supply any integrated solution to meet your specific communication needs.

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