PA Systems Newcastle

AVE Technologies supplies and installs public address systems. Whether you require a portable system such as a megaphone or a fully integrated system with zone paging, background music and evacuation we can design and install a system to suit your requirements. Indoor or outdoor use, we will design a system to suit your building or venue that will produce flawless sound for voice and background music.
For schools we can supply a lockdown, evacuation & paging system which also incorporates period bells. The system is easy to operate and the bell timer complies with DET specifications. We have integrated telephone systems and public address systems to seamlessly operate as one.

Do you need to replace your wireless microphone to comply with the ACMA “Digital Dividend”? From 1 January 2015, the 694-820 MHz frequency range will be used by telecommunications companies to provide 4G mobile broadband services. From this date, wireless microphones and audio devices need to be re-tuned or replaced, so they use spectrum in the 520-694 MHz or 1790-1800 MHz frequency ranges. If they can’t be retuned, they can’t be legally used after that date. AVE Technologies can supply wireless microphone systems that will comply with the ACMA’s new frequency allocations.
We can supply and install industrial paging systems that require explosion proof speakers or other exacting requirements. Systems can be battery backed up for emergency situations where paging requirements are critical for life and safety.

There are paging systems that operate over your existing network infrastructure or we can haul in new cable runs as required. AVE Technologies has technical staff that can advise and design a solution to suit your particular paging requirements.
Brands that we use include: Toa, Tannoy, DNH and AKG just to name a few. We can advise what particular products will best suit your application and budget requirements.
Whatever your specific requirement is, we can design and install a solution to meet and exceed your expectations.

PA Systems Newcastle
Public Address Systems