MATV Systems

MATV stands for Master Antenna Television. MATV systems allow multiple receivers to receive signals from a single (Master) antenna, as opposed to individual antennas for each receiver. MATV systems are separated into two portions, the ‘Head End’ and the ‘Distribution System’. When these two portions are planned and engineered using suitable MATV equipment and the appropriate installation techniques, signals will be distributed without loss of signal quality. Since the move to digital transmissions it is important that the system is engineered correctly and can supply the precise level of digital signal to the television to ensure interference free reception.

AVE Technologies currently employs specialist system engineers, installers and technicians trained in MATV systems. The MATV system has evolved over time from a basic free to air distributed system to a cabling system that now integrates free to air, PAYTV, CCTV, reverse path signalling and in house movies. MATV system solutions can now be distributed over optical fibre to allow extremely long runs. AVE Technologies has the expertise to work with fibre & coaxial cable to design a solution for your application. Digital modulators can be incorporated into designs to distribute in-house TV channels or closed circuit television cameras. IPTV and digital signage is another technology that now distributes content via Ethernet. AVE Technologies is a Foxtel approved installer and can install a commercial grade system to suit hotels, motels, apartments and aged care facilities.

Contact us to discuss your application and we can design & install a suitable solution to meet your requirements. Our commitment to consistent employee training and maintaining the latest available test equipment ensures that we stay at the competitive edge of the MATV market.

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