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Closed Circuit Television ( CCTV ) is a visual Surveillance technology using CCTV cameras with the capability to monitor a wide variety of situations and activities. The link between the CCTV security camera can include facilities to pan, tilt and zoom the camera and this means the CCTV camera security can be operated remotely from a control room. Security systems can be greatly improved by using a CCTV security camera and having visual records of any movement.

We offer full custom installation on all our video cameras and recorders. We can install closed circuit television systems, which will monitor all areas of your business. Digital video recording is the modern version of using a VCR to capture what the CCTV security camera sees, and it is possible to record multiple CCTV cameras in the one unit on a computer hard drive which means retrieving any section is possible very quickly. The DVR also has an inbuilt multiplexer facility which means you can view multiple CCTV cameras at once on a split screen.

CCTV security Cameras can be small and not very noticeable or large in weatherproof housings, they can also have good low light capability, and it is even possible to connect to CCTV cameras over the Internet. As every customer has individual requirements please call and arrange for us to consult and design a system to suit.

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