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AVE Technologies has been carrying out quality audio visual installations for over ten years. We have installed public address audio solutions for public sporting venues, public and private baths and many churches and schools across NSW. Our audio visual installations range from a basic data projector installation to a fully integrated multi media system with an AMX Control system at the heart. With our team of system design engineers and installation technicians we can provide state of the art audio visual solutions to suit any budget. The AMX control system is used extensively in American and Australian defence organisations and we have completed some of the most complex integrated systems. The AMX control system is used in many universities throughout Australia and allows the lecturers to control the lighting, and audio visual equipment within the lecture theatre. AMX offers simplicity, efficiency, and productivity with cost-effective integrated automation and control solutions for todays technology rich presentation facilities including media-driven presentation facilities with participants in the room or audio conferencing or videoconferencing.

Boardrooms / Conference Rooms

To ensure a meeting runs seamlessly from beginning to end, AMX solutions maximize your communication experience in your meeting by automating and controlling environmental controls like air conditioning, blinds, and lighting presets, audio / video equipment like projectors and projection screens, DVDs and VCRs, microphones, cameras, speakers and computers with AMX Touch Panels.

Training Facilities

Whether a corporate training is local or has participants and presenters from remote locations around the world, AMX provides solutions to automate and control the electronics and content needed for world-class corporate education.


In larger auditoriums or theatre-style presentation facilities, it is important to manage the challenges that come with large presentation venues. AMX can control and automate the acoustics and sound systems, microphones, cameras, lighting, and other equipment involved with a speaker’s presentation, projecting the speaker’s message to the audience, allowing audience interaction, and the climate of multiple areas or zones of an auditorium.

Portable Public Address Systems

We also sell portable public address systems such as Mipro & Toa Megaphones, which are ideal for schools and sporting events. Talk to us if you require portable public address equipment & wireless microphone solutions.


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