Access Control

AVE Technologies provides a service in the security and access control industry that is second none. We specialise in commercial and industrial installations generally using the GE Challenger or Inner Range Concept 4000 products. We can provide integrated access control for thousands of users and thousands of doors across multiple sites. The personal key can be wireless, proximity, magnetic or a combination of each media in one package maintaining total flexibility and ease of use for vehicular and pedestrian access control. Our access control systems can be integrated with intercom, air conditioning, telephone and fire control systems to provide safe and reliable building control.

A digital access control system gives you unprecedented control of access to your premises. The benefits provided by an access control system make it a wise investment for growing businesses and established corporations alike. By controlling who goes where, you can do more than increase security.

Digital access control can:

- Protect Your Staff by keeping unwanted visitors out of controlled areas and by keeping staff clear of potentially dangerous areas like machine rooms and forklift areas.

- Provide Access Records

- Improve Productivity by restricting unwanted traffic to keep areas clear for those who need to use them. You can even configure time-based access.

- Streamline Access across multiple premises. No more dealing with separate sets of keys across different offices - configure staff access privileges across every building they work in.

AVE Technologies can design and implement access control systems for your premises. We provide a complete range of card and biometric access control systems. All installation and maintenance work is carried out by our fully qualified and security-checked technicians.
Whatever your business, and wherever you are, the need to protect your assets is a fact of life. AVE Technologies can meet all your security needs. We provide expert advice and friendly, dependable service to small businesses and major commercial, mining & industrial clients.

Whatever the size, location and nature of your premises, AVE Technologies can offer state-of-the-art security systems to protect your company's assets. We are experienced in providing security solutions to educational, corporate and industrial facilities.
We are committed to developing ongoing relationships with our clients, delivering outstanding service from design through to ongoing maintenance.

Contact us to discuss:

- Expert security system design
- Reliable installation
- Ongoing scheduled maintenance
- Quick-response maintenance
- Protect your premises with our access control, alarms and CCTV.


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