Welcome to AVE Technologies

AVE Technologies has been providing quality integrated network cabling design and installation for more than 15 years. In that time we have grown to a team of 45 dedicated employees and seen the copper cabling and components migrate from category 4, to category 5, 5e, 6 and the latest category 6a.

These cabling system improvements have been necessary to support advances in data network speed and throughput, the advances in network speed has also led to the use of higher grade fibre optic cabling in situations that would normally have seen copper links being used.

AVE Technologies has kept up with these advances by implementing a training program that keeps our employees abreast of industry changes and advances as they occur. Our commitment to training and development is reflected by a consistent quality product.

In addition to our cabling in the commercial and industrial sectors we also provide services under the NSW State
Government 2020 ICT Approved Supplier Contract. Our company currently provides communications cabling
services to all NSW Government departments including:

- NSW Department of Education
– Dept of Commerce
– NSW Police and
– Various other smaller government departments.

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